Steel garages can withstand harsh weather conditions, including heavy rain, snow, high winds, and extreme temperatures.

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​Garages Uses

  • Steel garages offer complete protection from the elements, including wind, rain, and sun.
  • Metal garages are more secure, as they can be locked to protect your vehicles or stored items.
  • Steel garages provide additional space for storage, tools, hobby items, equipment, or even a workshop.
  • Metal garages offer exceptional customizing options, as they can be insulated, heated, or air-conditioned and can come in a variety of color choices, have the addition of windows and garage doors, and more.

Garage Durability

Our mission is to provide you with durable construction for years of use. Therefore, our garages only use the finest steel and the highest-quality components. Garage durability gives you peace of mind, while saving you time and money you’d spend replacing any items that might otherwise be lost or damaged by bad weather. A versatile garage makes life easier. Whether you’re using the space for spare storage, simply parking your car at home, our garages provide supreme protection for your goods against rain, sun, hail, snow, and wind – not to mention vandalism and theft. Take steps to ensure your belongings are safe against natural and human elements.

Available Finishes

​Roof Design

We offer three primary roof designs in our garages. One of which is the Standard Rolled-Corner design. The other design is the A-frame with Boxed Eave, and also our Vertical Roof Style.  All designs can be constructed in either 12 Gauge, or 14 Gauge, and be built to Certified configurations.

Various garage roof styles and side panel options diagram.
Illustration of a modern gray residential garage with dual doors.

Vertical Roof Style

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