Utility Shed

Utility Shed

When you need extra space for storing equipment or creating that perfect workshop, our Utility Sheds deliver the space and flexibility you’ve been looking for. With large double doors, you’ll have easy access no matter what the project may be. And best of all, you can customize and design your utility shed so it matches your space.

  • 4×6 pressure treated runners

  • Moisture barrier under floor

  • 1×4 Trim

  • (1) 6×6 wood double door

  • 2×4 rafters on 16 in. centers

  • 5/50 Year Warranty LP Smart Panel Siding

  • 2×6 pressure treated floor joists 16 in. centers

  • Radiant barrier

  • 2×4 wall studs on 16 in. centers

  • End vents

  • 29 gauge metal roof

  • 3/4 BC plywood floor

  • Hurricane Clips

  • Standard walls 6’3 in. (inside)

  • Gable roof

  • Haley 100% Acrylic Latex Wooden Structures Paint

Garden Shed

An attention-grabbing garden shed does more than declutter your garden, garage, or spare room.